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2nd August 2015

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2014 NAB Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge event

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2013 NAB Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge event

A brief selection of riders in the 2013 event comments:

Thanks to the many riders that shouted out if I was OK, or even stopped and came back to check on me together with some roadside spectators after my crash at the 10km mark into this years ride. I’ll return next year to complete the 100km challenge.

A brief selection of riders in the 2012 event comments:

I would just like to congratulate you, the sponsers and Coffs Harbour folks for putting on such a great event once again this year. I ride in many events during the year, but the Coffs ride is the only road event I travel outside of Qld for. The event you all put on each year (as this is only my second time riding with you all) is one of best run and co-ordinated events I ride in. I’m glad the event is growing in popularity and that is a sure sign of how well people think of your ride. I’m more than happy to travel the 5 hours to Coffs so I can ride and am happy to tell others here, in and around Brisbane about the event. Many organizers could learn alot from your event. The direction signage (including the happy /sad smiley faces) is excellent, the voluntrees and support people are brillant too The event does Coffs Harbour proud Please keep up the great work and see you all next year for the 2013 Challenge. – AC

May I just deliver a huge vote of thanks to you and everyone involved in putting on a brilliant event last Sunday. My son Kieran and I both rode in the 100 km event and we had a ball.

Thank you so much to all the volunteers who spent a long day standing at various points for the benefit of the riders and I am sure that I would speak for every rider in saying so.

I can appreciate the logistics of organising an event of this size and from my humble observation, everything seemed to operate seemlessly. So congratulations to all – oh, and whoever organised the weather should be given a very special thank you. – RH

I completely agree that the ride was wonderfully organized, and very well supported especially by the volunteers pointing the way at each turning. It was my first such ride and I was part of a contingent from South West Rocks which traveled up on the morning. There were 9 of us from SWR. Our Tina McEvoy came third in the women’s 100K and our Brian Bateman came 10th in the men’s 100. Not bad for a 63 year old. The rest of us all finished the 100 or 60 and we all are feeling very proud of ourselves. I came 75th in the men’s 100K and couldn’t be happier. Well, I could be happier. I would have liked to have beaten Tony Abbott.

Your ride is attracting experienced riders keen for the distance. Everyone on a bike looked fit. In our western world which is getting fatter, I didn’t see anyone who looked obese at the Coffs Harbour Cycling Challenge. That to me means it is making a difference in public health, and my hat’s off to the organisers for that. – PD

My mate and I drove from Canberra, where it is bloody cold! It was a pleasure to participate in such a well organised and enthusiastically spectated event. – ME

I just wanted to let you know what a fantastic time I had on the family bike ride! I’m a 43 year old mum of two who has never done a public event bike ride before and has only really been cycling for the past year,squeezing in little rides around full-time work and family. Your helpers were so encouraging along the way- just so friendly! The event,even on this small scale, was so well organized and was a positive experience for everyone concerned. Well done! What beautiful weather and atmosphere! Congratulations to all who helped out. – KM

I just did the 60km race today for the first time and I absolutely LOVED it! thank you so much for organising it, it was such a great day! thanks also to all the volunteers who did such a boring job but smiled (as opposed to laughed!) and pointed and encouraged us all the way

It was a brilliant day and just the right amount of people in the race, not squishy like a Sydney ride and how great was the weather! – AS

2011 Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge event

A brief selection of riders in the 2011 event comments:

The route was outstanding this year – if I was a Coffs local I would adopt that as a regular – it was magic – Thank you

It was not in Sydney!! but the scenery and atmosphere throughout the ride was sensational – I had three punctures and every time other cyclists stopped and helped me out to get me back in the game. – A great day

The people! The volunteers were all extremely cheerful helpful people. The riders were fun to be amongst. Organization was of a very high caliber and the success is obviously due to many many hours of hard work.

Good organization of volunteers on the road with route directions. I tried to thank as many as possible and would like to extend thanks to them all. You should be proud of what you have achieved in organisation in only 2 years.

It reminded me of how Fun Runs were back in the ’70s & ’80s. In fact I said to my son who rode with me that it was the bike equivalent of the City to Surf in that it was hugely enjoyable but bloody tough! All the participants appeared to have the same aim – to enjoy & complete the ride

Course was good, Marshalls were great, AID stations were well placed Presentation was short and sweet, Ride lengths – there was something for everyone which was good

Well organised, beautiful day, picturesque ride, friendly atmosphere, great fun. Thank you.

Everyone having fun and not focusing on a race. it was there for you if you wanted, but wasn’t compulsory.

It was a great day and I thought a great course. Your people were very helpful and friendly as an out of town person.

It was a fun ride for everyone …if you were serious rider you could be …you didn’t feel pressured you could ride at your own level It was social.. meeting people along the way… everyone was encouraging and you could have a laugh…. best medicine in the world Fantastic Day !!!

The lead cars at the beginning were great. Also knowing that there were other support cars along the course was great security and peace of mind too. The signs that were along the course were brilliant! I laughed every time I saw one and that sort of relief is fantastic!

The riders from Sydney and Queensland in my group enjoyed the rides scenery and the challenge of the undulating hills, they will definitely be back next year.

I thought it was a very well organised event, and loved that so many people took part. Cycling is a very social sport, and it really showed that during the event.

Fantastic Course and friendly attitude/manner of all involved, organisers and riders alike.

The challenge, it was a great atmosphere out there on those hills everyone encouraging you. All the volunteers did a tremendous job,it was a great day.

  • We have uploaded photos of the ride this year on an associated web site.

2010 Coffs Coast Cycle Challenge event

  • Just wanted to congratulate all involved yesterday in organising a great event. We thoroughly enjoyed the ride and hope to be involved in 2011 – DR
  • Just a short note to say how much I enjoyed doing the 75ks in Sundays Cycle Challenge. It was a personal best for me as I had never attempted anything like that since my 18 months of riding. I learnt what I am capable of.  Also a good friend who does competitive riding only beat me in by six minutes!….  I felt good, in fact I still do so thanks for the experience. – BG